WP Modal Login v2.0 Now Available!

After a few months of working away in my free time, I have officially released version 2.0 of my plugin, “WP Modal Login“.

In this version I made significant improvements over v1 which was kind of rushed out. I didn’t expect to get the kind of traffic/feedback I got so I took some time and listened to what others had to say and made a bunch of new features.

Everything Ajax

The login form not only now handles Login, but it now does user registration (if option is enabled in WordPress Settings) and reset password all with Ajax!

Modal Themes

The plugin now offers three themes to choose from to personalize your login experience. on top of all of that, you can also tweak the CSS all from within the admin area or create your own themes.

Plus many more features!

Check out the demo site and test it out and download!

Shivam Kumar
Shivam Kumar

Hi thanks for the awesome work here Cole but i just have one question is there any way so that your plugin catches buddypress registration pages instead of just user name and password thing after i sink wordpress and buddypress registration process i use it on Brainlubricator.com